Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Coming Home

Here we are a family of 4! Coming home was great and Jack couldn't have been happier about having him Mom and Baby Wade home.
Here I am balling as my Dad surprised me and flew in from Washington St. He wasn't planning on coming but two days after Wade was born he couldn't stand it any longer and flew in for about a 54 hr. stay. Thanks so much Dad for coming to Michigan to see Wade. You'll never know how much it ment to me. I love you!
A very proud new Papa!!!
Jack loves to cuddle with Mommy and Wade.
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Jack and Wade

Here is Wade in Daddy's arms sleeping peacefully, which lucky for us still continues!!
Jack drinking his pink lemonade which I think he pretty much bought everyone the hospital had and was his favorite thing about coming to the hospital to visit. He did enjoy seeing his Mom and lil' brother too.
Jack loves holding Wade and is a great big brother!! We usually have to put the bassinette on the floor so that Jack can pat Wade's head and so he can "check" on him for Mommy!
What a blessing these little ones are. It's a shame they grow so fast.
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