Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Jack is just about to finish up his first year of school and loved it! He has made new friends and LOVES having play dates! He will be in Young 5's next year and can't wait to go to his new school! He is a wonderful older brother and is adjusting to Wade wanting to do everything he does. He is doing a great job at sharing his toys, too! He is looking forward to the outdoor pool opening this Saturday.

Wade is growing up way too fast. He has been walking for a while now and has no intention of slowing down! He is much louder than Jack ever was and he yells everytime he wants something! Going out for dinner isn't as quiet as it use to be! One night we had been at the restaurant for five minutes and I was already on the phone calling every babysitter I had in my phone to see if they could come and get the kids! Wade also has discovered books. He loves to have you read them to him and he has to be sitting in your lap before you can read them. He has books all over the house, too! I use to clean them up every night and take them back to his room but first thing the next morning they were all over the house again. To save myself time, I now just pile the books up in each room! It is so fun to watch Wade grow, I just wish it would go a little slower!

Hilton Head 2009

It has been forever since I updated our blog and I am finally getting around to posting pictures from out Virginia/Hilton Head trip. We were not going to go to HH this year but at the last minute Chris told me to find tickets and take the boys. We found great tickets to Chesapeake so we flew in and stayed with Libby and Justin and then drove down to Hilton Head with Libby. We tried to surprise my Dad but I think he had it all figured out by the time we arrived! We got to HHI around 1am and everyone woke up to greet us. Dad was very happy to see us and acted surprised but I think he knew. The next morning Oma and Papa got up when the boys did, got Jack ready and took the boys out for a bike ride. It was great because Libby and I could catch up on sleep! Jack and Wade loved riding in the Burley!

They took the bikes down to the beach where Jack found cool looking creatures. Jack and Oma always love finding interesting animals. When we visited Washington last September Jack and Oma collected around 12 slugs that Jack turned into pets! He enjoyed cleaning the jar they were kept in, feeding them and taking them out to spray with water! The things we ONLY do with Oma! Isn't this a great looking Horseshoe Crab? Jack thought so.
Oma and Papa also took the boys to the park because Libby had taught Jack how to pump on the swing and he HAD to show Oma and Papa what he had learned! Jack & Oma climbed into the tree house where Jack posed for photos. We had a great trip as always. We wish Chris could have joined us, but maybe next year. It is always wonderful when Oma and Papa get to spend time with their "boys"!

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Hilton Head 2009 cont

Here is a cute picture of Jack and my dad "sleeping." Dad did a way better job of fake sleeping than Jack did. Jack thought it was way cool to take his naps with Papa!
When Jack wasn't taking naps with Papa he was sleeping on the floor next to the bed. During one of his naps, I had to sneak into the room and when I walked past his bed it was empty and this is where I found him...apparently this is where he slept at night, too.
Here is a picture of me with my Mom and sisters! Just had a yummy all-you-can-eat Dinner of crab and shrimp, surrounded by Pirates. The boys loved it!
Jack and Wade LOVE taking baths together. Whenever Wade hears the tub running he runs into the bathroom and tries to crawl in and then cries the whole time I am trying to get his cloths off because he thinks I am taking too long. The boys really enjoyed taking baths in Hilton Head because of the very large tub in Oma and Papa's room!
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