Monday, November 27, 2006

November Pics

Dad has been rebuilding the front porch, something to do with lots of ants eating the porch. Of course Dad can't do a project with out my help. Here I am with my hammer helping Dad install some pieces of the porch. You can also see my John Deere Tractor in the background. Here I am playing with my new kitchen. I was making spaghetti for Mom. I just love helping around the kitchen!
Mom put this one in b/c she says it is one of her favorites! I was sharing one of my best jokes with Papa and boy did he laugh!
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Early Christmas

The day after Thanksgiving we always have Christmas with Papa's side of the family b/c we are all here in town then. Here I am with Mom's cousin's Joe and Lydia. We had so much playing and opening presents!!Joe and I both got John Deere hats and tractors from Oma. Now when I drive my tractor I can be wearing the right gear. Oma said there is a big John Deers store in Washington and she is going to take me and I can't wait!!!
Hear I am opening my present from Aunt Bec and Uncle Jay. It was so big you can't even see me in this picture! It was a big container of blocks!! Now I get to build big building!!
Here we are playing Lydia's new Dora chutes and ladders game! What a great start to the holidays!
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Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving at the Cabin. Oma and Papa were not at my birthday party so I got to open some late birthday presents. I got some new cloths, the sweater with the snowman on itand the plaid shirt thatyou will see in a few pictures and shoes and a new John Deere tractor!!! Mom will have to take some pictures of me riding it and we'll post those later! Thanks Papa and Oma for all the new stuff!! I love you! I am now an official Dutch boy, I have wooden shoes!!! They even have my name on them. I will have to practice walking in them, they are kinda hard to walk in!

Here I am enjoying my Thanksgiving dinner. As you probably know I am a very picky eater so I had apple sauce and peanut butter and jelly for Thanksgiving dinner!
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Sunday, November 05, 2006

I'm 2!!!

It's My birthday and I am 2 years old!!! My Aunts and Uncles were there and my grandparents and we had a great time. Mom helped me open all my presents but after I opened a few I didnt' care about the rest b/c I was so excited about the ones I opened. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate and we missed all the family that couldn't make it.

Posted by Picasa Here is the birthday cake Mom made me. It was really good!!! I even blew out all my candles! I think my wish might come true!I LOVED the Tiger ball, bat and jersey that Aunt Bec, Uncle Jay, Aunt Lib and Almost Uncle Justin gave me. I love that it is big so it will fit me for a LONG time. I played ball outside for awhile. Mom said that baseball is for sure an outside sport, so I can't play ball inside. Don't tell mom but sometimes Dad lets me!!As you can see the jersey is more of a dress than a shirt but I will grow into it. I hope I have another birthday really soon!!


I love Halloween. You get to get dressed up and people give you candy!! Mom worked at Kids stuff on Halloween so I got to see all my friends dressed up. Here I am with Gianna. We enjoyed our wagon ride alot!!Here are more of my Kids Stuff friends!
This is Sarah and our Mom's always joke that we will get married someday!! I do think she is pretty cute!
Halloween night I went trick-or-treating with Eli and Stella. we had lots of fun. It was alittle cold but I did come home with a bag full of candy. I think Mom has eaten most of it!!
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I love helping Dad in the yard. We have lots leaves so we are out there alot!! Here we are before we go out to do some work. We both have lots of layers on to keep us warm. I can't wait until I am bigger and get to use the blower all by myself!!
Here I am with Papa at the Cabin. I had lots of fun playing with Papa and wanted to share these pictures with you!! I also love having no cloths on!!
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Deb and Stan's Cabin

Here we are at the new cabin. Aunt Deb and Uncle Stan bought 40 archers arcoss from Uncle Ken's and Papa's place. All the hunters were very excited about all the new hunting land!! I think they spent most of the day finding there hunting spots and putting up there hunting blinds. The rest of us cleaned and painted and cleaned some more and tore up carpet. I can't wait to see it when it is finished!! Here is the cool old stove that is in the kitchen!!
The cabin also has a 7 acre pond. Hopefully we can swim this summer!!

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Mom and Dad got a new camera and they were having issues getting the pictures into Picasa, but they figured it out and we are blogging again!! This is Uncle Ken and Aunt Shelly's, and GeeGee and Papa V's cabin up north. We were up there two weekends in a row helping Uncle Stan and Aunt Deb work on there new cabin. They bought a cabin across the street. It was alot of fun. Sarah, Morgan, and Mieke were all there, those are Mom's cousin's, and we had alot of fun playing. It was rainy all weekend so we played inside alot.Here I am riding the old bike GeeGee had at the cabin. Sarah did all the work and I rode on the back!! Thanks Sarah!!
Here I am with Sarah again and Baby Spencer. I kept calling Spencer Baby Katers, opps. Spender really looks like Katers.

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