Sunday, April 05, 2009

Party #2!!

The weekend after Wade's birthday we celebrated Wade's birthday again with my side of the family. My Mom flew into town for his birthday and my Aunts drove in from Chicago. Thanks Mom, Jane and Mary for helping us celebrate!!

We tried the cake thing again, and again he wanted nothing to do with it. The cup cakes were from Costco and they were super good, so I thought Wade would get one taste, love it and then go after it, but he didn't. My Mom had the idea that maybe he just needed a spoon. Well that worked! He ate the whole cupcake which was bigger than his head and all he needed was a spoon! Who knew?
Again, Jack loving to help open presents!
We got the Little Tikes car out that Jack had gotten for his first birthday and Wade LOVED it!! His favorite part was eating the horn!! My other favorite part was when Jack was riding in the car and Wade stood up behind the car and pushed Jack around.
Here is Wade with my Mom in his super cute new vest from Aunt Bec and Uncle Jay. We had so much fun celebrating Wade's first birthday and loved it that so many people could come from out of town to help celebrate! We missed you Dad and maybe next year you can be here to join the fun!
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Wade is 1!!

We had two parties for Wade. The first one was with Chris' family a few days before Wade's birthday. I am uaually not into the whole t-shirt thing for birthdays, but I found this super cute one and couldn't resist!

We tried to get Wade to destroy a birthday cake, but he wasn't too into it. It surprised me because usually he will put ANYTHING in his mouth, including dust bunnies he has gathered together in the corner of the living room. But apparently the dust bunnies taste better than the cake! We were the ones who put his hands into it and covered his face in frosting. Oh well! I think Jack had more fun putting the frosting on Wade!
Jack also had lots of fun hepling his brother open all his presents! Thank you everyone for helping us celebrate!!

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