Friday, August 22, 2008


I have wanted to post some of these baby gifts b/c I really love them and wanted to share them with you. The first one is a Sugarboo Photobox that I absolutly LOVE!! I think it took me 3 or 4 weeks just to decide which one and what color to order. It hangs in our living room and I read it everyday. I will treasure this gift forever, thank you Linda and Jane!
These are too cute! And even thought Wade can't walk I just love putting them on him. He looks so old wearing them. I did get them in a size to big so maybe next summer when he is walking he will still be able to wear them. Thanks you Luanne!
This is Wade's baby announcement. Linda came into the hospital when Wade was 4 hours old and took pictures of our family. Linda also does our Christmas cards and I always have her pick out the pictures that she will use and let her amazing creativity take over. I think the baby announcement has to be my favorite so far. Linda, you out did yourself. I actually framed the annoucement and hug it in Wade's nursery. I will treasure these pictures of Wade when he was so brand new. He grew up so fast and I can hardly believe he was ever that small.
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Monday, August 18, 2008


Jack, Wade and I just got back from spending 5 days (Wed-Sun) in Chicago with my Aunts, Mary and Jane. They live right downtown so it's so fun to be able to walk around and take advantage of all the fun things the city has to offer. Chris was going to be in Chicago all week working at U of C but had to go back to GR on Thursday monring. Here we are at a local park by where my Aunt's live. Jack had a blast and didn't want to leave so we bribed him with Jimmy John's.
Here is Wade being super good as always in his stroller. He loves his backseat in the stroller and if you try and put him in the front he cries. Maybe he feels safer back there.
Jack loved pushing Wade in the swing. Wade didn't really know what to think about it but it gave the 3 1/2 year old a good big brother moment!
At dinner that night we went to Hackney's in the South Loop. I, of course, still think of Wade as a newborn, even though he is 16 lbs, I just don't want him to grow up, and I forget to pack toys for him to play with. So at dinner we had to get creative and he loved sucking on the carafe! Today I did clean some of Jack's baby toys so Wade will have something to play with when we are out.
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Chicago cont..

On Thursday we went to Millennium Park and to Blue Cross Blue Shield where Jane works. In order to get up to her office we had to get out pictures taken and they printed out these passes we had to wear while we were there. Jack got to keep his and he was very proud!!
After visiting Jane we went to Starbucks because Jack had been begging for a milk. These are his favorites so when ever I tell him we have to stop so Mommy can get coffee he responds by telling me we have to stop at Starbucks b/c then I can get coffee and he can get a milk!
Wade still isn't old enough for Starbuck's but I am sure he will follow in his brother's footsteps and beg for milk from Starbacks!
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Chicago cont...

Here we are on Thursday in Millennium Park. Jack loved the Bean! And the pictures turned out pretty fun too!

We had lunch in the park at the outdoor grill and it was wonderful. I highly recommend the burger! It was super good. You could try the Kobe burger for $18!! Here is Jack with Mary being silly as usual.

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Lincoln Park Zoo

On Friday we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Jack had not been to the Zoo before but has been begging!! The gorilla's were his favorite. He didn't want to leave. We had gotten there early which was really nice b/c we pretty much had the zoo to ourselves.
At the children's part of the zoo they had a thing that the kids could climb up in and of course Jack was all over that.
It was also the weekend for the Air and Water show and while we were at the zoo they were practicing and they were so loud!! Jack loved it but a few passes were so loud that Wade started screaming! We could also see some of the Air Show from my Aunt's apartment which Jack thought was great!
Here is Jack on the bus ride home from the zoo. I still can't decide if the Jack liked the zoo or the bus ride more. He said next time we go to Chicago we have to go on the bus again and to the zoo and we have to ride the boat on the river (the Water Taxi) and ride on the train (the "L"). Jack loves going to Chicago and he reminds that he wants us to move there. I think he just likes all the tall buildings.
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Chicago cont...

On Saturday Jane, Jack and I went to the gym in the Morning and then Jane took Jack to Evanston to go kayaking with Jane's friend Moe. Jack has a great time and it was a great little break for me! Mary and I walked to State St and did a little shopping. I was a little disappointed and only got a couple things for the boys. Saturday my sister Becky and her husband Jason came into town for a birthday party for one of Jason's friends so they also stayed at the apartment Saturday night. Sunday morning Jack was pleasantly surprised to find Bec and Jay sleeping on the hide-a-bed. That morning Jack helped Mary make pancakes and then we all got ready and walked to the fountain. There was a nice breeze coming in off the lake so it make the fountains spray go everywhere. Jack loved running into it and getting all wet. It was warm so I joined him a couple times.

We had a great time in Chicago and Jack can't wait to go back but we will give my Aunts a few months to recover!! Thanks for a wonderful time Mary and Jane and we will see you at the cottage for Labor Day!!
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Monday, August 11, 2008


Last week I took the boys to the Lowell Fair to see all the animals. We met Heidi and her kids out there. I work with Heidi at MVP. They had a great time and Jack couldn't get enough of all the animals.

Here are all the kids petting a goat. Jack loved to be able to pet all the animals. His favorite were the horses, but I of course forgot to take a picture of him with the horses. I have to get better with the camera. Here is Wade after he woke up from a nap. He looked too cute when he woke up trying to look over the stroller to find me. I don't think he was all the way awake here.
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We have been so busy that I have had no time to update the blog so we will have to go back a few weeks and fill you in on what has been going on. Three weeks ago we went camping up in Mackinaw. We had a cabin at the camp ground b/c I am really not a good camper unless the camper comes with a bathroom, air conditioning and a kitchen!! We stayed just outside Mackinaw City but one night we did drive over the bridge so that Jack would stop begging. He thought it was pretty cool and if you ask him how big the bridge is he will tell you that it is bigger than trees it is so big!

Wade was great on his first camping trip! I think he just loved being outside all the time. Jack loved going on bike rides and playing at the play ground. Jack is already wondering when we are going back to Mackinaw
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