Friday, August 22, 2008


I have wanted to post some of these baby gifts b/c I really love them and wanted to share them with you. The first one is a Sugarboo Photobox that I absolutly LOVE!! I think it took me 3 or 4 weeks just to decide which one and what color to order. It hangs in our living room and I read it everyday. I will treasure this gift forever, thank you Linda and Jane!
These are too cute! And even thought Wade can't walk I just love putting them on him. He looks so old wearing them. I did get them in a size to big so maybe next summer when he is walking he will still be able to wear them. Thanks you Luanne!
This is Wade's baby announcement. Linda came into the hospital when Wade was 4 hours old and took pictures of our family. Linda also does our Christmas cards and I always have her pick out the pictures that she will use and let her amazing creativity take over. I think the baby announcement has to be my favorite so far. Linda, you out did yourself. I actually framed the annoucement and hug it in Wade's nursery. I will treasure these pictures of Wade when he was so brand new. He grew up so fast and I can hardly believe he was ever that small.
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