Monday, June 30, 2008

More pics from Baptism

Here are a few more pictures of Wade from baptism. He will be 4 months on July 4th and I can't believe how much he has grow!
Wade with Aunt Janie...
Wade with Aunt Libby...
and Wade with Uncle Justin!!!
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Wade was Baptized yesterday and the whole family came to help us celebrate! Justin even flew in from Virginia on Saturday morning so he could be with us. We were very glad he did! Here are a few family pictures from the day!

Here is a very pround father and Great-Grandfather with a very hungry baby. Wade did really well all afternoon but he did take a good nap when he got home. Thank you to everyone who joined us. It helped make this special day even more memorable!!
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jack's Bike!!

Jack got a very early birthday present today, a new bike!! With his birthday in the winter he usually has to wait to use some of the summer things he gets but Oma and Papa decided to get him an early present so he can enjoy it all summer.
Jack, Chris and Papa all worked to put the bike together and we had a few tears when he had to come in for a nap. Jack keeps telling people he can ride a bike with two wheels and everyone seems very impressed by that but then I tell them he still has the training wheels on, which makes sense. That is usually followed by a very unhappy 3 year old telling me his CAN ride a bike with two wheels. It's so great when a 3 year old knows more than his parents!

Here is Papa with Wade. Dad is here just for the weekend but at least we get to spend Father's Day with him this year. He will be back in two weeks to spend the 4th of July week with all of us. He is having lots of fun holding Wade and hanging out with Jack. I still think Wade looks just like my Dad!!
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thumb sucker!

I think it's official, Wade is a thumb sucker!! Jack was never interested but Wade can't get enough of his thumb. Most of the time he tries to get his whole fist in his mouth but when he realizes that it won't fit he goes right for his thumb. It is also how he falls asleep. I feed him, burp him, lay him down, he finds his thumb and falls asleep. What a good baby you are Wade!
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