Monday, January 21, 2008

Horseback Riding

I got to go horseback riding this weekend!! I rode Lacey but it was a quick trip b/c it was 11 degrees!!! Not to metion the wind!! Mom bundled me up nice and warm so it wasn't too bad!! Dad took these pictures from inside Grandma and Grandpa's house b/c it was too cold for him outside! Thanks Grandma for taking me!!

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Summer 2007

I was just thinking that it is so warm in Michigan right now that it reminds of summer alittle. Here are some pictures from Lake Michigan this summer. I can't wait to spend time at the cottage again this summer!!
I am trying to figure out how this whole ore thing works. Mom said to try paddeling on dry land first and then maybe later I can try it in the water!!
I also got to go to a Tigers game this summer!! What was even more fun was that Dad and I got to run the bases when the game was finished. I don't know who had more fun, Dad or me. Mom kept calling Dad a "Big Kid". When I told Papa S. what I did he said that he would take me next year to a game so he could run the bases too. Maybe all grown Dad's and Papa's are "Big Kids" ??
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New PJ's

We just got back from Kentucy where I got to meet Ella and see Sara and Tommy!! We had a great time but once again Mom was bad with the camera and we have no pictures of Ella. Maybe Sara could send the picture of Mommy and Ella so I can post it on my blog. Thanks Sara!! :) I had another Christmas in KY and I got books and new cloths and a Santa, which I think I left in KY, and these cool new pj's!! Sara and Tommy, I love them and I love all the snaps!!! Those are my favorite part! Thanks for the great weekend and we'll see you in March when Mommy's baby is born!!
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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Haven't blogged in awhile so I am going to try it again this year and hopefully will do better. We had a great New Years and I got to play with all my friends last night. We played dodgeball with all our Dad's and I think we beat them. They looked pretty tired when we finished!! Mom and Dad had fun too! This morning we woke up to a few inches of snow to add the inches we already had so Dad and I had to shovel the drive way. I know my Aunt Libby is missing all the snow now that she lives in Virginia!! I am a big helper and love to be out side. Hope everyone has a fun New Years! Enjoy all the football!! :)

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