Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Family

We had our annual family pictures taken last month and here are a few pictures from the shoot. If anyone knows how I can post more than just 4 pictures per post, PLEASE let me know!!

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All of Us

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Friday, December 05, 2008

Christmas Tree

I really need to start posting some of the funny things that Jack has been saying lately. He has great stories to tell and they are usually well thought out. Last week Jack and I went to Costco to get our new Christmas tree. (I am allergic to Christmas trees so we have to have a fake one, and come on, they are way easier!!) There were a couple different trees to pick from but I wanted the 7 ft prelit tree with white lights. Jack on the other hand had a whole different idea, he wanted the 7 ft prelit tree with COLORED lights. I had to tell him that I really don't like colored lights on Christmas trees, my apologies to those of you who have colored lights, and explain that we were getting the one with white lights. If you have ever tried to explain something to Jack and he does agree, it is usually followed by 20 negotiations to get his way. After a few tears and a few screams of "NOOO" in the middle of Costco, we walked out with a 7f t prelit tree with white lights. I won this negotiation!!! Our Christmas Tree

The next day Jack was telling Oma (my Mom) all about how he wanted the tree from Costco with the colored lights and just didn't understand why I didn't like colored lights. She told him that white lights were more in style and that is why I liked them better. He responded, with a great sence of relief "So then maybe some day colored lights will be back in style and then my Mom will like them and we can get them then." He saw that there was still a chance that someday he could have his colored lights!! So my Mom, who seems to help me solve a lot of things, came up with the idea to surprise Jack with a small Christmas tree from our basement. She put colored lights on it and put it in his room. He LOVED it!!! He turns it on every night and it has now become his new night light. Then a couple days later he brought up this whole situation with my Mom again and told her "Someday, when I am big, and my "Mom" (meaning to say "wife" :) love that!!) tells me to get white lights and I will look and look and look and when I can't find them, I will bring home colored lights." That's another way to get what you want, tell her you just can't find them!!!

Jack's Tree

more Christmas #2

Wade wanted to be Santa and hand out the presents but he was over ruled by his big brother Jack! Wade does look pretty cute in the hat!!
The boys got matching rolling duffle bags from my parents. Here they are opening the gift which Jack thought was great b/c then he had a place to put all the rest of his gifts in.
Doesn't everyone say you really don't have to get kids a whole lot b/c all they really want to play with is the box...well that was true for Wade. He sat totally content in the box his gift came in while we opened the rest of our gifts. It was a great start to our holiday season and we can cross of 2 Christmas's from out list. We will miss Mom, Dad, Libby and Justin during the true Christmas season but we look forward to spending Christmas with them some where next year. Mom and Dad have not determind the location yet!!

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas #2

On Sunday morning we met at my sister Becky's house and had another Christmas before Libby and Justin and Mom and Dad left for home. Here is Justin trying to teach Wade "scary face". It all started when Jack was little and Justin decided to teach Jack a new facial expression and they called it "scary face". Now when ever we see Justin or I am on the phone with Justin or Libby Jack calls out to tell them he is doing "scary face". I guess Justin is just getting an early start to teaching Wade these valuable things.
It was an early morning Christmas so we all went in our PJ's to Becky and Jason. Here is Wade and me before we started opening all out stocking gifts. I think Wade and Jack had the most presents in there stockings. Lucky!!
Here are some pictures of the boys with Becky and Jason's dog Dutch. Jack LOVES playing with Dutch. Good thing Labs are so good with kids. Dutch takes all the loving very well!!

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Early Christmas

Saturday we celebrated Christmas early with my Dad's side of the family. My parents were here from Washington, Libby and Justin were here from Virginia so while we were together we had Christmas early. Jack got a football which he loves but too bad it is a Lion's football!! Ha ha ha!! Wade loved chewing on it and laughed hysterically when Jack would throw it!!

Wade got a new book but he was more interested in eating the book than having me read it to him!

Jack got this great Michigan sweatshirt from Aunt Janie!!! Hopefully next season is better for Michigan!!

Wade ended his first Christmas the same way Jack did 4 years ago, asleep on someones shoulder!! Wade is wearing his "My First Christmas" outfit Aunt Janie gave himand it was so comfy it put him to sleep! It was a great start to Christmas celebrations!!

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First Biscuit

We have had a few first lately!! Last week we enjoyed our first biscuit!! They make such a mess but boy did Wade love it! And it was great for me, I could make dinner without having to pick him up!! He was so proud of himself! He is also saying Ma Ma Ma and Da Da Da and I love it. I usually only get to here Ma Ma Ma if he is hungry or sleepy. He also got his first tooth!!! He was 8 1/2 months!! Jack got his first when he was 7 months. I am so use to him not having teeth that I forget sometimes and let him chew on my finger but once he bites down I am reminded!! Wade will be 9 months tomorrow and I can't belive how fast it has gone. He is getting on all fours and rocking back and forth so crawling should happen anyday and then I am really in trouble. Jack was such a calm baby and hardly grabbed for anything, Wade , on the other hand, can't keep his hands off things!! He is going to be into everything once he can crawl. I will probably have to set up the pack-n-play in the living room just so I can get things done around the house.
Mama loves you Wadey-Wade!!

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After all the presents were opened and most of the guests had left Wade made himself comfortable with all of Ella's new toys. He sat there for about 20 minutes just taking it all in. I think he thought he might be able to take a few home with him.
Here are the boys together playing with all the new toys. Jack had to show Wade how a few of them worked, but Wade didn't care how they worked as long as they could fit in his mouth!!

Wade enjoyed his first in the sink bath. He loved it! I think he ate most of the bubbles and enjoyed splashing his Mom!!

Here is a cute hair due that Jack and I always give Wade after his bath. Jack finds is very entertaining!!

We had another great trip to KY and it is never long enough. We had lots of celebrating with Ella's party and Libby turning 25 and it was so good to be with everyone. Sara, Libby and I enjoyed alittle shopping on Sunday afternoon and that night we had a great steak dinner to celebrate Lib's birthday. So good to see you Libby and Justin!! Thanks again Sara and Tommy for a great weekend!!

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Isabella's One!!!

The weekend of Novmeber 15th Chris and I and the boys drove to Louiseville, KY to visit our friends Sara and Tommy and their daughter Isabella who was turning one!!! Libby and Justin also flew in from VA so it was also a great chance to see them and to help Libby celebrate her 25th birthday on Nov 15th. We had great time helping Sara get ready for the festivities and all gathered for Ella's party on Saturday. It was a great celebration! Sara, as always, out did herself with all the decorations and food!! No one went hungry.

Justin and Wade

Libby and Wade

Here is the happy birthday girl!!

Love her Birthday hat!!

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