Wednesday, December 03, 2008


After all the presents were opened and most of the guests had left Wade made himself comfortable with all of Ella's new toys. He sat there for about 20 minutes just taking it all in. I think he thought he might be able to take a few home with him.
Here are the boys together playing with all the new toys. Jack had to show Wade how a few of them worked, but Wade didn't care how they worked as long as they could fit in his mouth!!

Wade enjoyed his first in the sink bath. He loved it! I think he ate most of the bubbles and enjoyed splashing his Mom!!

Here is a cute hair due that Jack and I always give Wade after his bath. Jack finds is very entertaining!!

We had another great trip to KY and it is never long enough. We had lots of celebrating with Ella's party and Libby turning 25 and it was so good to be with everyone. Sara, Libby and I enjoyed alittle shopping on Sunday afternoon and that night we had a great steak dinner to celebrate Lib's birthday. So good to see you Libby and Justin!! Thanks again Sara and Tommy for a great weekend!!

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