Monday, April 28, 2008

Good traveler!!

Wade was a great traveler this weekend!! Here he is smiling at his Mom, the first one I have on film!!
Here he is being an even better traveler and sleeping 4 of the 6 hour trip!
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First visit to Churchill!

On Sunday Sara, Tommy, Ella, Chris, Wade and I went to Churchill Downs to watch the horses race. Wade and Ella slept threw most of it but we had a great time! We did video tape the races to bring back for Jack to watch. I think he has already watched it 100 times and we have only been home for 2 hours!! We will have to bring Jack next! We didn't win any money, but good luck to Sara and Tommy this weekend!!
We ran into Chris, Tommy's brother, and his wife Bridgett and their little boy Chase. Here are the girls after the races! We still had smiles even though we didn't win.
Here are the boys pushing the babes in their strollers!! Tommy and Sara will be at Churchill this weekend for all the festivities. Hopefully we will be able to join them next year!! Thanks for a great weekend!
"Where you will meet me in the winners circle. Where I will lay a blanket of flowers on your back. "
(from the movie "Dreamer")
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We just got back from a wonderful weekend in Kentucky. Sara threw Tommy a surprise party and we drove down to surpise him and boy was he surprised. He thought we were the only surprise of the night, but after we had drinks we returned to Sara and Tommy's where about 30 people surprised him and helped him celebrate his 29th birthday!! Funny thing is, Chris and Tommy share the same birthday but Tommy is a little younger than Chris, which I don't think Chris likes to admit!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOMMY!! Thanks Sara and Tommy for your wonderful friendship!!
On Saturday, while Chris and Tommy were at the track, Sara and I did a little shopping and had lunch. At lunch Wade had an explosive diaper and pooped through his clothes. I, of course, had forgotten an extra pair of clothes but thankfully Sara had remembered to put an extra outfit in her diaper bag for Ella. Soooo, Wade sported this adorable outfit for the rest of the day, belly chain and all!! Thankfully, I had a blue sweater that I put on over it!!
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Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring is here!

Jack has been waiting all winter to ride the horses up at Grandma's and today he finally got the chance!! He was so excited I didn't think we would get him off the horse!
Here is a pretty cute picture of Wade. I feel like I haven't put a cute recent picture of him on the blog so here it is. I think he was asking for a high five!!
Here is Wade sleeping in his new Moses Basket from Sara, Tommy and Ella. They were here this weekend and of course we didn't take any pictures while they were here. We must get better at that!! Wade loves his basket and sleeps very peacefully in it! Thank you again and we had a great time this weekend, as always!
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Today Jack, Wade and I went to the East Grand Rapids Library with Autumn, Eli, Stella and Silas and Wyatt who Autumn babysits for.
Jack's favorite things, besides checking out books, is to play on the computers. Eli, Wyatt and Jack played hockey!! They had a great time and Jack checked out 5 new books!
Here is Silas, Autumn's youngest, who wanted to be like the older boys and play on the computers too!!

Today Jack also wanted to go in the hot tub. He got all dressed and is ready to go. I think we might wait until tonight because it is 71 and sunny today!! So glad that spring is finally here!!
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

New "Shoes"

Love getting baby gifts in the mail!! These little socks/shoes were a gift from my girlfriend Karen, actually from her two adorable children Isaac and Lauren!! Thanks you so much, Wade loves them and they actually stay on his feet. I had seen the "Mary Jane" socks for little girls but never these sporty hightops for boys!
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Monday, April 07, 2008

Basketball Hoop

Last night Chris decided to put together Jack's basketball hoop he had gotten for his birthday last November. He ignored the part in the directions that said "requires 2 adults". After about 3 hours Chris's brother Jeremy and his wife Christie stopped by and Jeremy offered to help. I don't think he knew what he was getting into. They finally did finish around 10:30 pm. Jack is busy playing ball today. It is a beautiful spring day today, sunny and 62 degrees!!!
While Chris and Jeremy were putting together the hoop Jack was playing hide-n-seek with Aunt Christie. Jack found a great place to hide, under the truck!! Don't worry Mom, and Sara who already made sure of this, we had a long conversation about how we should not hide under cars!

Wade even made it outside to help. I bundled him up in a cozy Patagonia and he was so cozy he fell asleep from all the hard work after about 10 mins.!!

Forgot to add that Wade had is one month appointment yesterday (acutally he is 5 weeks today) and he is 10lbs 4ozs and 21in long!!!!! I can't believe he is that big!!!!

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Friday, April 04, 2008

Hilton Head Island, SC 2008

We had a great trip to HHI this year! The weather was great and Jack LOVED being on the beach and swimming in the pool. He would usually go around to everyone until someone would agree to take him to the pool where he would spend the next hour and a half swimming. The only reason he had to get out is b/c he wore out the adult that had taken him!!
Here is Jack with Aunt Janie at the Salty Dog Cafe where we all had dinner. We had a bit of a wait so the adults enjoyed a beverage at the bar and Jack insisted he needed a drink as well, so he enjoyed a Shirley Temple, which I believe his Aunt Janie purchased for him!! Thanks Janie!!
There was a small putting green outside our condo and when Jack wasn't swimming you could usually find him there. I think he has more of a hockey swing than a golf stroke. I am sure his Father or Papa or Uncles could help him out with that.
Here we are at the beach with Wade. It was Wades only trip to the beach that week but we wanted to make sure we had one pictures of him on the beach. It made his first trip to the ocean official!!
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Lib and Justin Meet Wade!

We had a great week in Hilton Head and Aunt Libby and Uncle Justin came in from Virginia to meet Wade.

Here was the gift that Libby and Justin brought Wade!! Wade is loved in many states!!!
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