Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Today Jack, Wade and I went to the East Grand Rapids Library with Autumn, Eli, Stella and Silas and Wyatt who Autumn babysits for.
Jack's favorite things, besides checking out books, is to play on the computers. Eli, Wyatt and Jack played hockey!! They had a great time and Jack checked out 5 new books!
Here is Silas, Autumn's youngest, who wanted to be like the older boys and play on the computers too!!

Today Jack also wanted to go in the hot tub. He got all dressed and is ready to go. I think we might wait until tonight because it is 71 and sunny today!! So glad that spring is finally here!!
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sara said...

See you tomorrow buddy! Can't wait!

jane said...

i love the new look!! It was great seeing you today. You guys are great.