Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Memorial weekend was great!! We spent the weekend at my Grandma S. cottage on Lake Michigan. Janie came in from Chicago and it is always great spending time with her. Still a little cool at the lake but a wonderful relaxing weekend and I will always take a weekend where Chris has NO cell phone signal!! :) Grandma enjoyed taking her Great Grandson for a walk and I am sure Wade enjoyed it too!!
Jack did make it down to the beach to play baseball with Dad but we didn't get any pictures. I can't wait for the weather to get warmer so we can all spend time on the beach. Chris did enjoy taking pictures of the beautiful sunsets on the lake.
Wade was wonderful as always and the fresh air had him sleeping great. He is still sleeping 12 hrs at night which was helpful staying at the cottage with lots of people. No one woke up in the middle of the night b/c of a crying babe!
Here is Jack enjoying a fudgesicle. Can't decide if more ended up on his face or in his tummy!!!
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mary and Jane

Mary and Jane came into town this weekend and we helped Abu open the cottage!! Saturday night we all had dinner together at Bonefish Grill!! We couldn't find a babystitter forJack and Wade but they were both great at dinner !!! Jack colored with Mary and took a few walks to check the Red Wings score. He was also very excited to see that they had Mac-n-Cheese on the menu at Bonefish!!

Abu enjoyed holding Wade as well and Janie. He was super good and didn't cry once. Wade got lots of attention from our table as well as from a few tables around us.

Here are the boys together and boy am I glad that they do so well in restaurants. Wade even fell asleep right as our food got to the table and we all got to enjoy our dinner!! Thanks Jane and Mary for coming into town to visit us!! See you in a few weeks! Love you!!

Dad, we checked out a few baby pictures of you when we were at the cottage and Wade looks just like you!!!
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Monday, May 05, 2008


maybe i should try to have more patience with my 3 year old.
i love the smell of fresh baked cookies, the Big Lake after a storm, Chris's colonge, and my new baby Wade when I have just given him a bath.
people would say that i’m too hard on myself, especially after just having a baby!
i don’t understand why my baby sister can't live closer.
when i wake up in the morning I want my husband to tell me he loves me and I want to remind my boys how much I love them.
i lost my willpower to give up anything sweet, creamy or salty.
life is going by way too fast.
my past is part of what makes me, me .
i get annoyed when my 3 year old thinks he knows more than me.
parties are something I always look forward too but sometimes staying home with Jack & Wade sounds even better.
dogs are what Jack looks forward to seeing at Sara and Tommy's, Bec and Jay's and what comes to our house when Oma comes to stay.
cats are something I am allergic too.
tomorrow will mean that Chris will be home sooner.
i have low tolerance for any kind of abuse, a disrespectful 3 year old, and not picking up the shower mat after a shower.
i’m totally terrified of someday losing my husband or children .
i wonder why I never like to "break the rules" or why God gave me two such wonderful children.
never in my life did i expect to be so happy with just the way things are.
high school seems like just yesterday....but it wasn't.
when i’m nervous my voice cracks and it sounds like I might cry.
one time I ...laughed so hard I peed my pants .
take my advice Sander's hot fudge is the best!!
making my bed happens....almost never but when it does our bedroom sure looks better!! .
i'm almost always praying God will watch over my family and protect them .
i’m addicted to Law & Order, singing "You are my Sunshine" to Jack and Wade, and having pitures taken of the boy's b/c I don't want to miss or forget a thing about them being little.
I want someone to clean my house, I mean really clean my house and for someone to come and landscape the yard!!