Saturday, March 07, 2009

Wadey Wade!!

This super cute onesie was in our mailbox this morning from my sister, Libby!! I just love it Lib and Justin, thanks! I don't know when we first started calling Wade Wadey Wade or who even thought of it, but it stuck and now everyone seems to call him that. Even the kids in Kids Stuff. One of my co-worker's kids carried around our Christmas card at their house calling out Wadey Wade. Her husband couldn't understand what he was saying and she had to explain!!
I tried to get a cute picture of Wade wearing his onesie, but he just won't sit still. Here are the best ones I got! Libby and Justin, Thank-you again for the onesie, I love it!! We will miss you today during his birthday party. We love you and Wadey Wade sends hugs and wet kisses!!!

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So a few days ago we had a very busy morning and Wade was being great!! When we got home I fed him lunch and called my Mom. He was behaving really well, so I didn't think he was ready for a nap. I was wrong. When I came back into the living room this is what I found. He is so sweet when he is sleeping!!

Then this morning, this is what I found...
When Wade is awake in his highchair he doesn't sit still!! We have to buckle him in and he still manages to move around. This morning, Jack came running into our room and said, "Come quick, you have to see Wade!" We found him fully turned around and a few minutes later standing up in his highchair. So much for the buckle keeping him in his highchair and so much for me getting anything done. The highchair was the only place I could put him to keep him out of trouble. We are going to have our hands full!!
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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wade is 1!!!


I can't believe it has already been a year! My sweet baby boy is all grown up. He has been such a blessing in our family's life and I don't know how I ever lived without him. Sometimes I wish he was still brand new and all he wanted to do was cuddle with his Mom. It seems like yesterday I was holding him in my arms for the first time and now, a year later, I can hardly keep up with him. He is a crazy one-year-old today and is trying so hard to keep up with his older brother. He has the cutest personality and thinks everything is funny, including the vacuum! God has truly blessed our family and I can't wait to see what the next year holds for this little boy.
"You are the poem I dreamed of writing,
the masterpiece I longed to paint.
You are the shining star I reach for
in my ever hopeful quest for life fulfilled.
You are my child.
Now with all things I am blessed."

wade sybrant 4 days

wade sybrant 4 days

wade sybrant & his big brother

wade & his mom
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Monday, March 02, 2009


We finally made it to Virginia to visit Libby and Justin!!! We have been wanting to get down there to see them and see where they live and we finally made the 13 hour drive with the boys over Valentine's Day weekend. We made it to VA on February 10 and stayed until February 17. We also drove down to the Outerbanks with Lib and Justin where Sara, Tommy and Ella joined us. We were there over the weekend and had a great time spending Valentine's Day weekend together!! Here is our trip...
Here are Lib and Wade in the morning after we arrived. We got there about 1:30am so the next morning we all took it a little easy!!
Libby and Justin had gifts for the boys and the towels were the cutest!! Thanks Lib and Justin!
We took Libby and Justin out the first night we were there and Wade enjoyed his first french fry. I don't think Jack had a fry until he was like 2, funny how things change for #2. Wade thought it was great and screamed when we tried to take it away so he wouldn't choke!!
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Virginia cont.

On Thursday morning Chris and Justin went surfing and Libby and I took the boys to get haircuts. I finally caved in and got Wade's haircut!! He looks so grown up now. He did so well. He just sat on my lap good as can be and let the woman cut his hair. We were done in like 10 mins and both the boys looked great!!

In the afternoon we drove to Norfolk. Justin, Chris and Jack went to see the USS Wisconsin. Jack thought it was pretty cool and loved the big guns! Libby, Wade and I went to a mall nearby that had a Starbucks and did a little window shopping.
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On Thursday evening Libby and I drove to the Outerbanks. Libby knows someone with a house in the OBX and they were gracious enough to let us stay there for the weekend and it was beautiful! Chris and Justin joined us Friday night and Sara, Tommy and Ella joined us around 2am on Friday after a long flight. Saturday morning we woke up to a full house of people and children!! Jack and Ella are about 4 months apart and were too cute together. Wade hardly ever gets a bottle, but loves them, so he had to keep an eye on Ella while she had her's and I had to keep an eye on Wade so that he wouldn't take it from her!

Here is Wade cuddling with Aunt Libby. Libby had so much fun with the boy's and Ella. I think Libby and Justin enjoyed having their niece and nephews there for the weekend.
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Outerbanks cont.

Here is the house that we stayed in. It was so wonderful and relaxing; I wish we could have stayed longer!! On Saturday (Valentine's Day) the boys stayed with the kiddo's while Lib, Sara and I went and had mannies and peddies and did a little shopping, well, actually alot of shopping!! And when we got home they had dinner waiting!! They had grilled steaks and they were wonderful!! What a great Valentine's Day. Thanks Chris, for everything. It was a wonderful Valentine's Day and I love you very much!
On Sunday we went and had lunch and drove around. We stopping in a little fishing town to take some pictures. You can also check Sara and Tommy's blog for more pictures

We had a great trip and can't wait to go back. Thank you Libby and Justin for opening your home to us and for letting us take it over for a few days!! The boys had a great time with their Aunt and Uncle and they miss you lots. Chris and I also had a wonderful time! Thanks Lib, for being a great baby sister and I wish we lived closer! I love you!
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Becky and I decided to take the boys to Chicago in January to visit Mary and Janie. We always have a great time visiting, but now that Wade can crawl, it's a whole new adventure!! Wade is into everything and I think his favorite thing was eating the dirt out of the plants!! Wade eats EVERYTHING!! He even gathers dust in the corners of Kids' Stuff and eats it! We have to be so careful and I really hope to make it through this year without having to give him the Heimlich. We were in the apartment alot seeing that on Friday moring we woke up and it was -17, and that wasn't including the wind chill!! So we had to find things to do inside!

One of Jack's favorite things to do is to pretend to be a lion and crawl around with Wade and roar! Here they are playing, the big lion and his cub, as Jack calls Wade.
Jack loves to take baths and has been begging to take a bath with Wade so here is their first bath together!! Wade thought it was great having the big tub to take his bath in. Now whenever we give Wade a bath, Jack has to join in.
On Saturday we took the boys to the Museum of Science and Industry. Jack loved the sub and it was hard to tear him away! There was also a children's part where there were hands on things for kids. Jack had lots of fun playing and the museum was a great place to be when it was -10 outside!!! We had a great trip to Chicago, as always, and Jack is already wondering when we get to go back! Thanks Mary and Jane for everything and thanks Bec for helping me get the boys there.

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We had already celebrated Christmas with my family over Thanksgiving, so we spent Christmas with Chris' family. We had Christmas morning at our house with the boys which was the first time we were able to do so, and it was great!! Jack and Wade got a Wii for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa Thompson so Chris and I got the boys Guitar Hero World Tour which Jack has been begging for!! I think he just wanted it so he could walk round playing the guitar! After opening presents, we loaded the car and drove to Chris' parents.

We brought Guitar Hero to Chris' parents so that we could all play after opening presents. Wade got an early start and threw a fit when we tried to take the drum sticks away!
Wade with Grandpa...
Wade with Grandma.
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Hockey Game!

December 2009
We took Wade to his first Griffin's Hockey game at the beginning of December. I had received four vouchers for a game from work and we took advantage!! Of course, Jack loved it!! He told me the other day that he needs to start playing more hockey b/c he was a hockey player and the only way he can get better is to play. I told him he could play hockey if he gets a part time job to pay for it!! Wade also loved the game! I thought he might not like the noise when they score a goal but he thought it was great and laughed everytime!! Looks like we will have two boys who love hockey! Papa should be happy about that!! Dad, Jack is wondering when he is going to a Wings game?

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