Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Broken Leg Week 1

I know that my Mom hasn't posted any pictures lately but she has been very busy taking care of me. I am a high maintenance guy, I think I got that from my Mom. Here I am in my Poof chair that Mom and Dad brought up to the living room from the basement. I did everything in this chair for the first few days, ate, played, slept, but then everything changed. I got really use to the chair and didn't want to sleep in my own bed. The first night Dad felt bad b/c I cried for a while so he came and got me and we camped out together in the living room. I don't think Dad slept too well b/c the next night I tried the crying bit again but no one came and got me. I gave up and went to sleep. I am much better about sleeping in my crib again!! Here is one of the fun games that I play with Mom. I lay on my back, which is about the only thing I can do, and I try to balance my sippy on my forehead. At first it fell but I am pretty good at it now!!!
Most of the pain has gone away so I am trying to get around again. I sorta crawl slash drag my leg to get around. That right leg is really heavy with the cast on!!Here I am at the mall driving the bus. It was the only car I could fit it. I could have driven that bus all day!
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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Jack's BIG booboo....

Friday I was working with Mom and she warned me not to stand on the big play blocks but I didn't listen. I fell 12 inches and I broke my femur!!! I fell funny on my right leg and it broke. First we went to my Dr's office where they took x-rays and saw it was broken. I had to go and see another Dr and he met us at the ER where he put my cast on. Aunt Becky and my pediatrician, cousin Erika, and her son Max met Mom and me at the ER. Mom was really happy they were there b/c Dad couldn't make to the hospital. He was very sad he couldn't be there. Max was way cool because he brought me trains to play with! Thanks Max! All the Dr's and nurses were really nice. I had to have an IV so they could put medicine into me. The medicine made me feel really silly!! I still cried when they moved my leg to put my cast on but the Dr said I was his best patient ever. Mom was so proud of me. I even held perfectly still for all my x-rays. I will be in my cast for 3-4 weeks. We have to go and meet the Dr. on Monday so he can check my cast and Mom said we should know more then. For now all I can do is either lay down with a pillow under my leg or sit in my stroller. I have a feeling I will be spending alot of time in my stroller. I am Aunt Becky's ring bearer in 4 weeks so Mom said we will decorate the wagon and cousin Lydia can pull me down the isle. Sorry Aunt Becky that I can't walk down the isle and I will miss dancing with you! Here are some of the photos from the ER yesterday.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My 1st Tigers Game

Monday Mom and Dad had to work at a job near where GeeGee and Papa V live so I got to spend the whole day with GeeGee V . We had lots of fun!! I pretty much detroyed her house but it was too much fun!!! For being such a good boy during the day GeeGee V, Papa V, Dad and Mom took me to my first Tigers game. I found out that GeeGee V is their BIGGEST fan!! She watches every game and know all kinds of things about the team. I hope someday I know as much as GeeGee V does!! Here we are outside Comerica Park. The Tiger sorts scared me at first but Mom told me that he was a very nice Tiger! Here I am with Mom checking things out before the game started. GeeGee and Papa V. have season tickets and the seats were great!! We were 4 rows up behind 1st base! I sure hope I continue to be a good boy so I can go back to lots of Tiger games!! Here I am with Mom and Dad. Dad found his old school Detroit Tiger jersey to wear to the game. He also got to go to a game on Saturday night with Justin, Aunt Libby's boyfriend, Almost Uncle Jason, and Papa S. They won Monday night 3-8 and they also won Saturday night. I think our family brings them luck, but from the sounds of things they don't need any luck!!! Hopefully playoff tickets will be in my future!!!!!!
Here I am with GeeGee V. I sat on her lap alot. Papa went and bought us pizza so I was happy!! Thank you Papa for the Pizza!! We had lots of fun and GeeGee filled me in on how the game was played and how well we were doing. I pretty much looked for where the ball was!! And as long as I could see the ball I was happy!! Thank you GeeGee and Papa V for a wonderful weekend!! I had lots of fun playing and the Ball Game was great!! Go TIGERS!!! Posted by Picasa

GeeGee and Papa's

I spent the weekend with my GeeGee and Papa who live in Plymouth. We had lots of fun. GeeGee lets me do all sorts of fun things!!! Here I am with Mom before Church. All the highschool girls at church thought I was really cute!!!
Here I am getting a golf lesson from my Papa. We practiced for awhile but I think I have a long way to go. Uncle Jim and Dad spent the day at the Buick Open. Dad said Tiger Woods won!! He had lots of fun watching Tiger and the other golfers play. Dad said someday I might be able to go and watch him play.
After Dad and Uncle Jim were finished watching Tiger win we met at PF Chang's for dinner. I had so much fun with the chopsticks!! I also had ice cream and I think they have the best vanilla ice cream!! I also figured out chopsticks don't work so well with ice cream!!
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