Thursday, July 27, 2006

July 24-27

It has been a slow week at my house. Dad is gone again to Ohio and will be back on Friday. Here are some of the things I have gotten into this week.

Here I am with Aunt Becky. Mom had left a glass of water on her desk and I tried to get a drink all by myself. This is what happened...I pretty much dumped the whole glass down the front of me. Next time I will ask for help!!
Here I am in my Sundance outfit. I found it in my drawer and now I wear it to bed. There is a funny story that goes with this outfit. When Oma and Papa S. lived in Orem, UT, we went to Sundance for brunch after church one Sunday. Abu (Papa S's Mom), Mary S. & Jane S. (Papa's sisters), Mom, Dad, Oma, and Papa were all at brunch. I think I was about 11 months old and I was a little fussy at brunch so Mom took me outside to feed me. I ate a whole jar of carrots and a whole jar of sweet potatoes. I was much happier, so Mom took me back into the restaurant. It was a really nice place and I was happy to be back by everyone. I saw there were crackers on the table and requested one. Next thing I know I bit off a piece that was too big, it gagged me, and I threw up ALL of my carrots and sweet potatoes!!!! Mom had just taken off my bib b/c I didn't want it on, so the mess went ALL over me and the floor. I was covered!!! Mom took off all my clothes and I was just hanging out in my diaper. Oma decided to take me b/c Mom hadn't eaten yet. She took me to the Sundance store and bought me this outfit so I didn't have to sit in just my diaper. It was a little big then but it fits me great now!!! Thanks, Oma, for clothing me!!!

I found Mom's camera this week and I am quite the photographer. Just check this shot out...

I was going for a head shot--but pretty much just got the top of my head. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 22, 2006

WNBA Detroit Sparks Game

Dad has been in Louisiana all week so Mom and I found lots of fun things to do. Last night we went to a Detroit Sparks game at the Van Andel Arena in downtown Grand Rapids. We went with some of Mom's coworker from Kids Stuff at MVP. There were lots of kids from Kids Stuff at the game so we had lots of fun together. The Sparks played the LA Shock but the Sparks won!!!! Lisa Leslie is VERY tall!!! Here I am with Ms. Krista. She works with Mom at Kids Stuff and usually has snacks for me, so we have become good friends. We went to Subway with Ms. Krista before the game and had lots of fun. I spent most of the game on her lap. I love my Mom but sometimes I just need a break. Thanks Ms. Krista for hanging out with me!!
Here I am having lots of fun! I hope Mom takes me to more events at the Arena!

Thank you Ms. Shandy (she's Mom's boss at Kids Stuff) for getting us the tickets to the game. Mom and I had a great time. Next time I want my picture taken with you!!! Posted by Picasa


Thursday night I got to go out for dinner with Mom and her two friends Karen and Julie. Mom hadn't seen them in awhile so I knew it was going to be a long dinner. Don't worry Oma, I had more than just ice cream at dinner. I did have pizza and apple sauce, too!!! I am so glad that Mom has my pelican bib. It catches all the drips!! Mom wants me to let all those new Mom's out there know that this is the only bib you will EVER need and it is the BEST!!! At the botton of my bib there is a big lip and everything just falls in there!!! I stay very clean this way! I do love vanilla ice cream!! I ate the whole cup! Here I am with Julie. I even shared a little ice cream with Julie. She kept calling me her date so I had to share with her! Here I am with Karen. Julie found a comb in her purse and I got to help Karen with her hair. Her hair looked great when she got there, I just added the finishing touches. Karen, anytime you need assistance you call me!!
There were lots of birds on the lawn next to the patio where we ate so I spent some time watching them. The sun was very bright so Mom let me borrow her glasses!
Here I am with Karen and Julie again. I love keys so I helped them both find their cars. See, when you push certain buttons on the key thing your car makes noise or your lights flash, it makes finding your car alot easier. They both thanked me for being so helpful. I didn't really want my picture taken so I kept closing my eyes. It was making Mom crazy! Hee Hee!!!Mom was so proud of me at dinner. We were at Mangiamo's for 3 1/2 hrs and I sat in my high chair for 3 hrs, never once asking to get out. I did get out the last half hour which was great fun! Another couple at the restaurant complimented me on how well did!! I got a gold star from Mom when I got home. I had a great time meeting Karen and Julie and hope I get to have dinner with them again soon!! Thanks for having dinner with me! Posted by Picasa

Softball Game

Wednesday night I went to Almost Uncle Jason's softball game with Aunt Becky. Mom went out all by herself and saw the movie, "The Devil Wears Prada". She said it was really cute. I can't wait until I am older and get to go to the movies, too. Mom says, "Thanks Aunt Becky for taking Jack to the game!!" Here I am patiently waiting for Aunt Becky to pick me up. I love driving cars so I have my portable steering wheel. It's great, I can take it in any car to help. I am a very good back seat driver.

Before Almost Uncle Jason went up to bat I helped him take a few pratice swings with the bat. Those bats are a little heavy. I was thinking they would let me hit instead of Almost Uncle Jason but they told me I have to wait a few years before I can join the team. I did have a hard time giving up the bat. There may have even been a few tears. There was also a playground there. I had a great time!!!! During the game all I wanted to do was go on the slide, but we had to wait until the end of the game. I went through all the tunnels and down the slides. It was great fun. I sure hope I get to go again!! As you can see I have a blue mouth, but it was worth it because that sucker was really good!! Aunt Becky told me I wasn't supposed to tell Mom I had the sucker but I think my lips gave it away!
Here I am with Aunt Becky on the slide. Don't worry, Almost Uncle Jason caught me at the bottom.

Here I am going down the slide with Almost Uncle Jason! It was a little scary the first time but once I did it, I wanted more!!

Thank you Aunt Becky and Almost Uncle Jason for taking me to the game. I hope I can come with you again! Almost Uncle Jason did win in extra innings! Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 17, 2006

Ludington Macker 2006

Here we are getting ready to leave for the Gus Macker in Ludington, MI. As you can see I drove the truck for a while and then I got tired so Dad took over for me. We took Great Grandma and Grandpa B's trailer to camp in. Don't worry everyone it came with a queen size bed, a bathroom, shower, air conditioning and a full kitchen so Mom was happy. If Mom ever tells you she is going camping, she doesn't mean in a tent. Grandma and Papa T also took their fifthwheel to stay in. I was so excited to get there. Just imagine, basketball ALL weekend....
I did end up doing a few other things besides than just watching basketball. Here I am with Grandma T in the pool. It was REALLY hot so she took me swimming. We had lots of fun and I got to cool down! I love being outside in the sun. Here I am on the merry-go-round. Grandma pushed and I went for a ride. It took alot to get me off; I was having a great time.
It was very sunny so Mom got me these sunglasses. I broke my other glasses that I really liked but these will do. Mom said they were the only kids' glasses she could find and that they make lots of cute ones for little girls but not too many for little boys so any Grandmas or Omas out there-keep a look-out for cute boy sunglasses.
The night before Dad's first game we went down to check out his court. Dad let me shoot a few baskets so I too could get a feel for the court. I am so going to play once I get old enough. Here I am with my Grandma and Papa T and my Aunt Angie and cousin Brooklyn. Brooklyn just wouldn't take her eyes off Papa.
Dad was streching before his game so I went over to help but stretching makes me tired!
Here I am on the sidelines. Grandma T said I had to have basketball shoes if I was going to be at the Macker so we went shopping, I am sporting them in this picture.
Here I am just being my cute self. I was SO cute that someone from the trophy tent came and gave me a 1st place trophy!!! I guess they forgot to mark it so they couldn't use it. I can't wait to put it in my room!!! Mom wants me to tell you that she was so into watching Dad play that she forgot to take any pictues of Dad playing. I can't believe she forgot! They would have been great to post. I guess I'll just have to be in charge of the camera next time. Anyway, Dad did really well and his team came in 2nd. I was sorta laughing at him because all I had to do was be cute and I got a 1st place trophy. That is the way to do it, then you don't get so tired!

Lake Michigan

Here we are at the pier in Ludington, MI. Dad was here to play in the Gus Macker over the weekend. Mom says he's trying to pretend he is in high school again. One night we went down to the pier to watch the sunset. Lake Michigan does have great sunsets!! Dad told me I had to stay in my stroller but I kept trying to stand up and get out! Uncle Chad and his girlfriend Kim came to the pier with us. I was glad they came. I learned how to say Chad this weekend, yeah, one more name down and lots to go! Anyone think that my Uncle Chad looks like my Dad?
Here I am with Mom...
...and here I am with Dad.
I had a great time at the pier. The waves were big and we got splashed a few times. Here are a few more sunset pictures for you to enjoy! Thanks Mom and Dad and Grandma and Papa for a great weekend!! Maybe we can do it again next year!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

July 8-12, 2006

I haven't posted in awhile so here are some of the things Jack has been up to lately.......

Last night while Mama, Dada and I were watching the All Start game I couldn't make up my mind where I wantedo eat my snacks. So first I tried my portible highchair, but that wasn't comfortable,..... I tried sitting with Mama in the big poof chair but it was too crowded, I like my space...

....perfect, all by myself in the poof chair! I enjoyed having my snack and watching the All Star game with Mama and Dada. Baseball is ok but I don't get into like I get into Basketball. After I watched the baseball game for awhile I made my way up stairs to shoot hoop. I usually sleep with my basketball and I try to sleep with my hoop but Mama always says no, but I keep trying!

Here I am at Kids Stuff where my Mama works a couple mornings a week. I go with her and play with all kids, well mostly I just "drive" the race car in this video game. I LOVE to drive! Mostly I like to drive Mama and Dada's cars but anything with a steering wheel will do.

Here I have found another video game. I don't know how to play but all the other boys play it so I am trying to learn. Mama said she will never have a video game player in our house so maybe it will just be a special treat at Kids Stuff!!

Last Thursday Mama and a couple of Aunt Becky's friends got together to put Aunt Becky's invitations together and I got to help!! Mama assisted me but I did a great job!! I love being a big helper. I wonder who the lucky person will be who gets the invitation I made!!!

This weekend Dada is playing in the Ludington Gus Macker. I heard it is a weekend of ALL basketball. I can't wait!! I'll take lots of pictures so you can see all the fun I had!!! We are also camping with Grandma and Papa T!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Here I am with Mama on the beach. It was a warm sunny day so I had to wear lots of sunscreen. Mama tried to make me wear a new hat she had bought me but I wasn't having anything to do with it.

I love all the beach b/c then there is lots of room to run. I wasn't afraid of the water one bit, but it was pretty cold. Mama, Dada and I did take the kayak out for a ride and that was lots of fun. We did hit a big wave and Mama and I got pretty wet, then we were cold, so Dada took us back to the beach. Aunt Janie wrapped me in a towel to keep warm. No one took a picture of us in the kayak or else I would have put the picture on the blog. Maybe next time!

More beach

I love playing on the beach. This year I can actually walk around by myself and I had lots of fun!! I didn't like the sand on my feet so I wore my shoes on the beach, it helped a little. I did fall into the water when a big wave came. The water was cold and I got a little scared but .... Dada was there to save me. He gave me a big hug and made me not feel scared anymore. Thank you Dada for rescuing me.

We had lots of fun on the beach. I loved watching all the boats and seeing all the dogs that took walks on the beach. I can't wait to go back!