Thursday, July 27, 2006

July 24-27

It has been a slow week at my house. Dad is gone again to Ohio and will be back on Friday. Here are some of the things I have gotten into this week.

Here I am with Aunt Becky. Mom had left a glass of water on her desk and I tried to get a drink all by myself. This is what happened...I pretty much dumped the whole glass down the front of me. Next time I will ask for help!!
Here I am in my Sundance outfit. I found it in my drawer and now I wear it to bed. There is a funny story that goes with this outfit. When Oma and Papa S. lived in Orem, UT, we went to Sundance for brunch after church one Sunday. Abu (Papa S's Mom), Mary S. & Jane S. (Papa's sisters), Mom, Dad, Oma, and Papa were all at brunch. I think I was about 11 months old and I was a little fussy at brunch so Mom took me outside to feed me. I ate a whole jar of carrots and a whole jar of sweet potatoes. I was much happier, so Mom took me back into the restaurant. It was a really nice place and I was happy to be back by everyone. I saw there were crackers on the table and requested one. Next thing I know I bit off a piece that was too big, it gagged me, and I threw up ALL of my carrots and sweet potatoes!!!! Mom had just taken off my bib b/c I didn't want it on, so the mess went ALL over me and the floor. I was covered!!! Mom took off all my clothes and I was just hanging out in my diaper. Oma decided to take me b/c Mom hadn't eaten yet. She took me to the Sundance store and bought me this outfit so I didn't have to sit in just my diaper. It was a little big then but it fits me great now!!! Thanks, Oma, for clothing me!!!

I found Mom's camera this week and I am quite the photographer. Just check this shot out...

I was going for a head shot--but pretty much just got the top of my head. Posted by Picasa


Sara said...

JAck...lime green is your color!

Oma said...


Thanks for finding this outfit. I love it on you and it does come with such a special memory attached to it. Sundance dining at its best! Too bad Robert Redford didn't stop by to see you in your special outfit. He would have cast you in his next movie, no doubt.

When I get there next week you need to wear that oufit and go for a swing on the porch, OK?

Love ya!

Oma xoxo