Sunday, October 15, 2006

Spencer John

Tonight we went to visit Mom 's best friend for high school Lindsay and her husband Scott b/c yesterday Lindsay had her first baby. Spencer was born at 3:30pm, 19in and 7lbs 5ozs. I just loved meeting him. I told him that I couldn't wait until he grew up so that we could play togther. Mom had a hard time sharing Spencer. Dad didn't even get a chance to hold him. Lindsay kept telling me to ask my Mom and Dad for a baby at our house. Mom just laughed! I think I would make a good big brother. I even got to kiss Spencer on the head, I think he smiled when I did! We're best friends already!
Mom did let me hold Spencer but only for a minute and then I had to get down and run around again. Congratulations Lindsay and Scott!! We were all so happy to meet Spencer and I can't wait to play!! Have him call me when you get home!!
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Yesterday Mom, Dad and I went to Valparaiso, IN to visit Mom and Dad's friends from college. Autumn, Mark, Eli, and Stella (Autumn is having another baby in April); Anne, Tim, Emma, Eddie, and Andy; Karen, Dave, and Isaac (Karen is having another baby in January) and Mom, Dad and me were all there. Mom said it is crazy to think that four years ago there was only Emma and now when we all get together there are 7 kids with 2 more coming!! It's great for me b/c there are lots of friends to play with. The whole day the adults kept talking about when they were all going to get together without kids, I can't imagine why, us kids are somuch fun! Here I am picking out my pumpkin. It took me awhile to find the perfect one but I found it!

I tried to help Dad by carrying the pumpkin but I found out that pumpkins are heavy so.....

....Dad ended up carrying me and the pumpkin!

Here are all the kids!! L to R, Eddie, Andy, Eli, Stella, Isaac, Emma, and me!! We had so much fun!!!

My pumpkin weighed 14lbs!!! I am already looking forward to picking out a pumpkin next year!!

Posted by Picasa Here I am with Mom on the trip back from picking my pumpkin. Hay rides are fun!!

Here we all are enjoying donuts and apple cider. I just love fall!!


After 6 weeks with my cast on it finally came off!! It actually came off two weeks ago but Mom has been very busy. We went to Ann Arbor for celebrate Aunt Jane's 50th birthday and Dad went to the Michigan vs Michigan State game. It was a great game, Michigan won!! GO BLUE!! Mom and Dad also went to Florida for three days without me. S0mehow I just don't find that fair but I did get to stay with my Grandma and Grandpa T and we had lots of fun. So Mom is finally getting around to getting these pictures posted. I wan't too happy whe I first got my cast off. It was felt really weird and I pretty much had to learn how to walk again. I am getting pretty good! I also didn't want to take a bath by myself so Dad got in with me. Thanks Dad! Thanks Mom and Dad for taking such good care of me when I had my broken leg!!
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