Sunday, October 15, 2006


After 6 weeks with my cast on it finally came off!! It actually came off two weeks ago but Mom has been very busy. We went to Ann Arbor for celebrate Aunt Jane's 50th birthday and Dad went to the Michigan vs Michigan State game. It was a great game, Michigan won!! GO BLUE!! Mom and Dad also went to Florida for three days without me. S0mehow I just don't find that fair but I did get to stay with my Grandma and Grandpa T and we had lots of fun. So Mom is finally getting around to getting these pictures posted. I wan't too happy whe I first got my cast off. It was felt really weird and I pretty much had to learn how to walk again. I am getting pretty good! I also didn't want to take a bath by myself so Dad got in with me. Thanks Dad! Thanks Mom and Dad for taking such good care of me when I had my broken leg!!
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