Sunday, October 15, 2006


Yesterday Mom, Dad and I went to Valparaiso, IN to visit Mom and Dad's friends from college. Autumn, Mark, Eli, and Stella (Autumn is having another baby in April); Anne, Tim, Emma, Eddie, and Andy; Karen, Dave, and Isaac (Karen is having another baby in January) and Mom, Dad and me were all there. Mom said it is crazy to think that four years ago there was only Emma and now when we all get together there are 7 kids with 2 more coming!! It's great for me b/c there are lots of friends to play with. The whole day the adults kept talking about when they were all going to get together without kids, I can't imagine why, us kids are somuch fun! Here I am picking out my pumpkin. It took me awhile to find the perfect one but I found it!

I tried to help Dad by carrying the pumpkin but I found out that pumpkins are heavy so.....

....Dad ended up carrying me and the pumpkin!

Here are all the kids!! L to R, Eddie, Andy, Eli, Stella, Isaac, Emma, and me!! We had so much fun!!!

My pumpkin weighed 14lbs!!! I am already looking forward to picking out a pumpkin next year!!

Posted by Picasa Here I am with Mom on the trip back from picking my pumpkin. Hay rides are fun!!

Here we all are enjoying donuts and apple cider. I just love fall!!


Anonymous said...

Wow Jack! You've been one busy little guy lately! We miss you buddy. Much love to you!!

Aunt Christie

Sara said...

What fun! I love fall...and trips to the pumpkin patch! are right, Jack...pumpkins are heavy indeed!