Thursday, July 17, 2008


The kouvalias was one of the toys I played with as a child. When Jack was born my Mom bought a new one for Jack that he loved to played with. I got it out for Wade the other day and he also had alot of fun with it. Thanks Mom for the toy that all babies seem to enjoy!

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Monday, July 07, 2008


My little sister Libby flew in for a week from Virginia and we LOVED having her here. Her husband Justin also flew in for two days to attend a family wedding and Wade's baptism but missed our family night out on Monday. Here I am with Libby and Becky at The Tap House in downtown GR. One of Chris's high school buddies is a co-owner of The Tap House so we like to help out in any way we can! It was a beautiful night so sat outside and had drinks together before dinner. Also, Justin works for Young Life in VA and Libby and Justin leave tomorrow with like 50 highschoolers to go the Windy Gap Camp. Please pray for safe travel and for a life-changing week for these highschoolers!!!
Here is Mom with the us girl enjoying a very good Cosmo!!
Mom was here for three weeks from Washington and Dad joined her for the last week. It was so great having them in town and Jack loves playing with his Oma and Papa. It was very hard to see them leave today and I think there were a few tears. They won't be back until Thanksgiving but I don't think Oma will be able to stay away from her boys that long so, Mom, feel free to come and stay before then!! Thanks for a wonderful couple of weeks, we love you both and miss you already!! Jack and Wade send hugs and kisses to Washington!!
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We usually play alot of cards at the cottage and Wade did not want to be left out so he helped his Dad win a few hands.

My Mom, Dad, Chris and Jack all went to the fireworks while I stayed at the cottage with Wade. Jack had lots of fun and enjoyed all the candy and sparklers that the woman sitting behind them gave to him. He came home with lots of stories for me and said that I HAVE to come with him next year.

Root Beer Float

At the 4th of July parade one of the floats was handing out Root Beer Floats and Jack loved his!!! Until his father distracted him and claimed the ice cream for himself!! Dads can be so sneaky!!! I still can't decide who ate more ice cream or had more candy, Jack or Chris??? I think this is a perk of having kids, you can get them to get all the candy and you can enjoy it!!
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4th of July Parade

This year, like most, we spend the 4th of July weekend at my Grandma's cottage on Lake Michigan. Every year we go to the parade that takes place in Whitehall. The kids love it and usually all they really want is the candy that everyone throws. Here they are waiting for the parade to start.

This year was Wade's first parade and he did not like all the sirens and loud noises so he didn't stay in his stroller very long. Aunt Mary and Aunt Janie took turns holding him. Also, love this outfit that Lindsay and Alli got Wade when he was born!!
The parade was great and Jack loved eating his candy!! He can't wait until next year!!
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