Saturday, July 22, 2006


Thursday night I got to go out for dinner with Mom and her two friends Karen and Julie. Mom hadn't seen them in awhile so I knew it was going to be a long dinner. Don't worry Oma, I had more than just ice cream at dinner. I did have pizza and apple sauce, too!!! I am so glad that Mom has my pelican bib. It catches all the drips!! Mom wants me to let all those new Mom's out there know that this is the only bib you will EVER need and it is the BEST!!! At the botton of my bib there is a big lip and everything just falls in there!!! I stay very clean this way! I do love vanilla ice cream!! I ate the whole cup! Here I am with Julie. I even shared a little ice cream with Julie. She kept calling me her date so I had to share with her! Here I am with Karen. Julie found a comb in her purse and I got to help Karen with her hair. Her hair looked great when she got there, I just added the finishing touches. Karen, anytime you need assistance you call me!!
There were lots of birds on the lawn next to the patio where we ate so I spent some time watching them. The sun was very bright so Mom let me borrow her glasses!
Here I am with Karen and Julie again. I love keys so I helped them both find their cars. See, when you push certain buttons on the key thing your car makes noise or your lights flash, it makes finding your car alot easier. They both thanked me for being so helpful. I didn't really want my picture taken so I kept closing my eyes. It was making Mom crazy! Hee Hee!!!Mom was so proud of me at dinner. We were at Mangiamo's for 3 1/2 hrs and I sat in my high chair for 3 hrs, never once asking to get out. I did get out the last half hour which was great fun! Another couple at the restaurant complimented me on how well did!! I got a gold star from Mom when I got home. I had a great time meeting Karen and Julie and hope I get to have dinner with them again soon!! Thanks for having dinner with me! Posted by Picasa


krista said...

Dear Jack,

Congratulations! You might as well get used to dining out for extended meals, since your mom loves to chat with friends! I think you inherited this skill from her since she was a terrific toddler to take to restaurants. (Her only fault was asking for way too many visits to the restroom so she could play with soap dispensers, faucets, hand dryers, etc.) Note-this works best once you are potty trained and you insist that you have to go to the bathroom...a request that is difficult to ignore. Once we tried to, and the people at the next table looked at us like we were negligent parents, since they had just arrived and did not know your mom had made plenty of trips already.

Where shall we dine out when Papa and I visit in August?


Anonymous said...

jack your life is more eventful than mine...i am jealous.
love you and miss you
aunt libby