Monday, July 17, 2006

Ludington Macker 2006

Here we are getting ready to leave for the Gus Macker in Ludington, MI. As you can see I drove the truck for a while and then I got tired so Dad took over for me. We took Great Grandma and Grandpa B's trailer to camp in. Don't worry everyone it came with a queen size bed, a bathroom, shower, air conditioning and a full kitchen so Mom was happy. If Mom ever tells you she is going camping, she doesn't mean in a tent. Grandma and Papa T also took their fifthwheel to stay in. I was so excited to get there. Just imagine, basketball ALL weekend....
I did end up doing a few other things besides than just watching basketball. Here I am with Grandma T in the pool. It was REALLY hot so she took me swimming. We had lots of fun and I got to cool down! I love being outside in the sun. Here I am on the merry-go-round. Grandma pushed and I went for a ride. It took alot to get me off; I was having a great time.
It was very sunny so Mom got me these sunglasses. I broke my other glasses that I really liked but these will do. Mom said they were the only kids' glasses she could find and that they make lots of cute ones for little girls but not too many for little boys so any Grandmas or Omas out there-keep a look-out for cute boy sunglasses.
The night before Dad's first game we went down to check out his court. Dad let me shoot a few baskets so I too could get a feel for the court. I am so going to play once I get old enough. Here I am with my Grandma and Papa T and my Aunt Angie and cousin Brooklyn. Brooklyn just wouldn't take her eyes off Papa.
Dad was streching before his game so I went over to help but stretching makes me tired!
Here I am on the sidelines. Grandma T said I had to have basketball shoes if I was going to be at the Macker so we went shopping, I am sporting them in this picture.
Here I am just being my cute self. I was SO cute that someone from the trophy tent came and gave me a 1st place trophy!!! I guess they forgot to mark it so they couldn't use it. I can't wait to put it in my room!!! Mom wants me to tell you that she was so into watching Dad play that she forgot to take any pictues of Dad playing. I can't believe she forgot! They would have been great to post. I guess I'll just have to be in charge of the camera next time. Anyway, Dad did really well and his team came in 2nd. I was sorta laughing at him because all I had to do was be cute and I got a 1st place trophy. That is the way to do it, then you don't get so tired!

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krista said...


I think you deserve a first place trophy, too! You're Number One in my book any day.