Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My 1st Tigers Game

Monday Mom and Dad had to work at a job near where GeeGee and Papa V live so I got to spend the whole day with GeeGee V . We had lots of fun!! I pretty much detroyed her house but it was too much fun!!! For being such a good boy during the day GeeGee V, Papa V, Dad and Mom took me to my first Tigers game. I found out that GeeGee V is their BIGGEST fan!! She watches every game and know all kinds of things about the team. I hope someday I know as much as GeeGee V does!! Here we are outside Comerica Park. The Tiger sorts scared me at first but Mom told me that he was a very nice Tiger! Here I am with Mom checking things out before the game started. GeeGee and Papa V. have season tickets and the seats were great!! We were 4 rows up behind 1st base! I sure hope I continue to be a good boy so I can go back to lots of Tiger games!! Here I am with Mom and Dad. Dad found his old school Detroit Tiger jersey to wear to the game. He also got to go to a game on Saturday night with Justin, Aunt Libby's boyfriend, Almost Uncle Jason, and Papa S. They won Monday night 3-8 and they also won Saturday night. I think our family brings them luck, but from the sounds of things they don't need any luck!!! Hopefully playoff tickets will be in my future!!!!!!
Here I am with GeeGee V. I sat on her lap alot. Papa went and bought us pizza so I was happy!! Thank you Papa for the Pizza!! We had lots of fun and GeeGee filled me in on how the game was played and how well we were doing. I pretty much looked for where the ball was!! And as long as I could see the ball I was happy!! Thank you GeeGee and Papa V for a wonderful weekend!! I had lots of fun playing and the Ball Game was great!! Go TIGERS!!! Posted by Picasa

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