Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mary and Jane

Mary and Jane came into town this weekend and we helped Abu open the cottage!! Saturday night we all had dinner together at Bonefish Grill!! We couldn't find a babystitter forJack and Wade but they were both great at dinner !!! Jack colored with Mary and took a few walks to check the Red Wings score. He was also very excited to see that they had Mac-n-Cheese on the menu at Bonefish!!

Abu enjoyed holding Wade as well and Janie. He was super good and didn't cry once. Wade got lots of attention from our table as well as from a few tables around us.

Here are the boys together and boy am I glad that they do so well in restaurants. Wade even fell asleep right as our food got to the table and we all got to enjoy our dinner!! Thanks Jane and Mary for coming into town to visit us!! See you in a few weeks! Love you!!

Dad, we checked out a few baby pictures of you when we were at the cottage and Wade looks just like you!!!
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