Friday, December 05, 2008

Christmas Tree

I really need to start posting some of the funny things that Jack has been saying lately. He has great stories to tell and they are usually well thought out. Last week Jack and I went to Costco to get our new Christmas tree. (I am allergic to Christmas trees so we have to have a fake one, and come on, they are way easier!!) There were a couple different trees to pick from but I wanted the 7 ft prelit tree with white lights. Jack on the other hand had a whole different idea, he wanted the 7 ft prelit tree with COLORED lights. I had to tell him that I really don't like colored lights on Christmas trees, my apologies to those of you who have colored lights, and explain that we were getting the one with white lights. If you have ever tried to explain something to Jack and he does agree, it is usually followed by 20 negotiations to get his way. After a few tears and a few screams of "NOOO" in the middle of Costco, we walked out with a 7f t prelit tree with white lights. I won this negotiation!!! Our Christmas Tree

The next day Jack was telling Oma (my Mom) all about how he wanted the tree from Costco with the colored lights and just didn't understand why I didn't like colored lights. She told him that white lights were more in style and that is why I liked them better. He responded, with a great sence of relief "So then maybe some day colored lights will be back in style and then my Mom will like them and we can get them then." He saw that there was still a chance that someday he could have his colored lights!! So my Mom, who seems to help me solve a lot of things, came up with the idea to surprise Jack with a small Christmas tree from our basement. She put colored lights on it and put it in his room. He LOVED it!!! He turns it on every night and it has now become his new night light. Then a couple days later he brought up this whole situation with my Mom again and told her "Someday, when I am big, and my "Mom" (meaning to say "wife" :) love that!!) tells me to get white lights and I will look and look and look and when I can't find them, I will bring home colored lights." That's another way to get what you want, tell her you just can't find them!!!

Jack's Tree

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Anonymous said...

Oh hi, this is Child Protective Services. We were planning to stop by tomorrow because we received an ANONYMOUS call that your children had never had a Christmas tree. Good thing we checked the blog first and have now canceled our trip. By the way, the delightful young lady that called us (she seemed so smart and so lovely and so dear)requested that we see some photographic proof that the children have stockings hanging by the fireplace and a sweet vintage plate on which to leave cookies for Santa. Please post those as soon as possible or else we will have to take drastic measures. This lady said she would be filing to adopt the children if proof isn't posted.
PS The children need a puppy, too.