Sunday, November 05, 2006

I'm 2!!!

It's My birthday and I am 2 years old!!! My Aunts and Uncles were there and my grandparents and we had a great time. Mom helped me open all my presents but after I opened a few I didnt' care about the rest b/c I was so excited about the ones I opened. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate and we missed all the family that couldn't make it.

Posted by Picasa Here is the birthday cake Mom made me. It was really good!!! I even blew out all my candles! I think my wish might come true!I LOVED the Tiger ball, bat and jersey that Aunt Bec, Uncle Jay, Aunt Lib and Almost Uncle Justin gave me. I love that it is big so it will fit me for a LONG time. I played ball outside for awhile. Mom said that baseball is for sure an outside sport, so I can't play ball inside. Don't tell mom but sometimes Dad lets me!!As you can see the jersey is more of a dress than a shirt but I will grow into it. I hope I have another birthday really soon!!

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sara said...

Yeah!! You are blogging again! Belated wishes to Mr. Jack! He looks so cute in his little tux!