Monday, June 26, 2006


Oma and Papa have a time share in Hilton Head, SC. This was my first trip to HH and I already want to go back. This trip was fun b/c my Oma and Papa were there along with my Aunt Becky and my almost Uncle Jason. My GeeGee (Great-Grandma V) and my Great-Grandpa V were also there. We had three condos all on the same floor so I could visit everyone.

Jack loved the beach in Hilton Head!! All that room to run!! He thought the seagulls were great and I think he wanted to pet them like he pets Katers, my parents dog. But they never seemed to stay no matter how fast he ran.

Jack is also a HUGE sports fan!! He had a great time playing "football" with his Dad on the beach .

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Jack. Thank you Oma and Papa for a great trip to Hilton Head. I can't wait to go back!!

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krista said...

Hilton Head has never been as much fun...putt putt on our golf green, the church nursery that had outdoor space with a b-ball hoop...(you stayed for two services), riding in the bike burly, so many great memories. I am sure it won't be your last visit to HH.