Wednesday, July 05, 2006

4th of July Parade!!

My first 4th of July parade!!

I loved waving at all the cars, truck, fire engines, people, dogs, and horses. I am very afraid of horses but I didn't cry once. Here I am on Dada's shoulders and my Aunt Jane and Dada are waving with me. We missed Oma and Papa but we still had lots of fun!!

Here I am waving again at the fire trucks. They made lots of noise and I loved it. Abu (Great-Grandma S.) was there too.

Here I am with my Aunt Libby. She drove all the way from "Tuk" (Kentucky) to see us. I was glad she came to the parade b/c she helped me open the candy that I got. Here she is helping me open my tootsie roll. I thought I liked it but after a few bits I spit it out. I love making messes!!

I also got lots of suckers, my favorite!! I did share with Aunt Lib, she likes suckers too! I am a very good sharer!!

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