Monday, September 22, 2008


Friday was another lazy day for Chris and me. I think b.c. the summer was so busy our plan for this trip was to do the least amount possible. We usually start our day around 9am when Wade gets up, we have a cup of coffee, breakfast and then another cup of coffee, a little Sportscenter for Chris, Today Show for me, and Playhouse Disney for Jack and then another cup of coffee for me!! I think by around 11 or 12 I am ready to get dressed and start the day. Good thing that Oma is here to entertain Jack so Chris and I can be this lazy!!

In the afternoon on Friday I went with Jack and Oma to Rod and Carol's dairy farm and to no ones surprise--Jack loved it. First we went to where all the baby calves were. There was one little calf that had been born 1 hour earlier and was getting it's first bottle and learning how to walk. Here is a picture of the other calves and boy where they interested in us. Oma let one of them suck on her finger and when we asked if Jack wanted to do the same he was not at all interested in that adventure.

After visiting the calves he wanted to go and see the donkey. In Rod and Carol's family there are 3 boys: Jon, Jeff and Mark. On the night Mark was getting back from his honeymoon at 2am, his brothers had parked Mark's truck at the entrance to his driveway so they could not get in. There was a note on the windshield telling him that the keys to the truck were on the donkey's neck and if he wanted to move the truck they would have to catch the donkey. I thought that was a pretty funny story!! Now the donkey lives at Rod and Carol's and Jack just had to meet that donkey.

After the donkey visit Jack had to go back and check on the calves, then he had to go and check on the donkey again and then one more trip back to the calves. He wanted to check in one more time to see if the new baby calf had learned to walk. He was pretty disappointed when we left but we told him we would come back to visit. (The donkey is the white one.)

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