Thursday, September 18, 2008

WA Trip Wednesday

Our first day in WA was pretty uneventful seeing we were all pretty tired. We ran some errands in the morning and Jack got to pick out some new barn boots. I'll take a picture and put it on in the next couple days. They look like cowboys boots and he hasn't taken them off since he got them. We went into Bellingham and did some shopping and also got the boys holloween costumes. Wade did have an eventful day, his first taste of baby food!! It is also an eventful day for me, he is now not soley dependent on me for food!!! He tried sweet potates and did really well!!

Jack also tried something new for lunch, hotdogs!! Jack is a VERY picky eater and when he tries something new we all get very excited. My Mom made him Octupus hotdogs!! Anything to distract Jack from what he is actually eating. I think the funnest part for him was that he got to cut off each octupus leg and eat it!! Here are a few pictures.

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Christie and Jeremy said...

Glad to see the updated blog - I was thinking about you guys earlier this week and hoping that you made it safe and sound go WA!! Hope you're having a great time with Oma and Papa!

krista said...

Jack told everyone he met here in Washington about his trip from Michigan..."I came on one A-plane from Michigan and I'm gonna go on 2A-planes when we go home."

This usually resulted in a perplexed look on people's faces. I translated: "He had a direct flight here and they connect in Las Vegas on the way home. (=2 airplanes.)

Are everyone's grandkids this much fun?,