Monday, October 20, 2008


Jack had been telling Papa that he wanted to play tennis all week, but we kept having other things come up. Finally, on the last night Papa took Jack out for his first try at tennis. (Lindsay, I think we'll have to take you up on the offer of tennis lessons!!!) Jack thought it was great and didn't want to leave. Dad, we'll get some court time at MVP for you and Jack when you are here in November!! Jack didn't do so bad his first time out! He certainly got an A+ for enthusiasm.

Jack got it on the racket!
Looks like he might again.
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krista said...

Seeing you on the tennis court, Jack, reminds me of all the time I have spent watching tennis matches played by someone I loved. It started in college when Papa played, then at Garfield park when your Mom and aunts took lessons. Later it was middle school matches and then your aunts thrilling us with exciting matches and tournaments in High School--even a state tournament semi-final. Last but not least, Calvin College matches, expecially on Hilton Head Island. Maybe we will watch you or Wade someday...the years sure go by quickly.



PS Oh yea...I used to take your Mom and her sisters to Woodland Tennis' nursery when I played a weekly doubles match. The good old days!