Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Morning

We were home this year for Easter Sunday. The past few years we have been in Hilton Head with my family. We always did small Easter baskets b/c we were traveling but this year I went all out!!! The boys loved it and they are still eating there candy, I am helping!! We had a wonderful Easter dinner at Chris's brothers Jeremy's house. Christie and Jeremy were great hosts and the food was wonderful!! Chris's parents, as well as the boys, have been begging to take the boys so after Easter the boys headed up north. I worked a ton last weekend and then Chris and I headed to KY to see Sara and Tommy. Libby and Ava had flown in to celebrate Jack's first Birthday. We all enjoyed Jack's birthday last Saturday and as always Sara outdid herself!! It was a wonderful party with great food and great friends. Thanks Sara and Tommy for a wonderful weekend and we'll see you in two weeks, and tell Ella this time we will bring Jack and Wade with us!!

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Christie and Jeremy said...

so handsome! ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear mom - all of my aunts and uncles and friends back in Michigan miss us. Can you give them some updates :)

Anonymous said...

jack and wade