Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bec's Wedding Day!!

The big day, as Oma calls it, is finally here! I am all dressed in my tux and feeling great. Katers kept me company while we waited

Here I am with Mom. I think my Mom looks so beautiful! I didn't really want to have my picture taken but I found out that when you are in a wedding you get your picture taken ALOT!!
Here is Aunt Bec and Uncle Jay dancing. I loved dancing but I had to leave early. It had been a long day. I just loved Aunt Bec's wedding dress. She is the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.
Here is Mom taking to Ms. Trish. She is the mom of the two sets of twins. Belle is waving to us! Hi Belle!!
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Here are all the other kids that were in the wedding with me. From L to R:
Lydia S, my Mom's cousin, Lydia B., Belle B., Claudia B., and Max B. If you are wondering Lydia and Claudia are twins and Max and Belle are twins. We had lots of fun together. Max pulled me in the wagon. Thanks Max!

Here is one more picture of the happy couple!! Congratulations Becky and Jason! Allison, Chris and Jack love you guys!

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Sara said...

everything looked beautiful!! loved all the kiddos in their wedding gear!